La commission européenne vous consulte sur la durabilité du système alimentaire

Why talk about Sustainable Food?

Food is essential to life. It also forms an important part of our cultural identity, and plays an important role in the economy. People are aware that the food they eat is an important factor affecting their health, but what is less well known is the impact producing and consuming food has on the world's resources. Alongside the cars we drive and the energy we use to heat our houses, the food we produce and consume has a significant impact on the environment through, for example, greenhouse gas emissions, the use of land and water resources, pollution, depletion of phosphorus, and the impact of chemical products such as herbicides and pesticides.

Objective of the consultation? This consultation aims to explore how we can move towards a more resource efficient and sustainable food system. Please see the dedicated webpage for more information. It is very important to read this before completing the questionnaire.

Period of consultation: From 09.07.2013 to 01.10.2013

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